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മുഖ്യ കാര്യദർശി

ശ്രീ. സ്വാമിനാഥൻ ശരവണഭവൻ 

Hinduism is famous for its multiplicity of gods. While it is true that there are thousands of unique deity forms, those unfamiliar with this religion may conclude that Hinduism is essentially polytheistic in nature. In truth, most Hindus believe in only one God, or Supreme Being.

According to Vedic scripture, this one God oversees a host of demigods. or lesser gods, who govern universal affairs, much like ministers performing duties on behalf of their king. It is also important to clarify Hinduism's recognition of Gods ability to manifest in a variety of forms. For example, the ten avatars, or expansions, of Vishnu appear at different times through out history for specific purposes. This demonstrates that God is unlimited and not subject to that which our minds may be inclined to project upon Him, or Her, for that matter, if indeed gender is even relevant when speaking of Infinite!

Hindus revere the Bhagavad - Gita-., Gita in much the same way Jews and Christians regard the Bible. There for, many consider Krishna, the Speaker of the Gita, to be the supreme personality of the Godhead. In this classic spiritual epic, Krishna states, " In whichever form one wishes to worship the Divine, I give that person the fixed faith to follow that path." In this way, the Absolute is very accommodating: there is a God-or a form of God-for everyone, you might say!

The powerful Godess and God in the planet of Hinduism UMA & MAHESHWARA (Parvathi & Shiva), Head of all Goddess and Gods), at SREE UMA MAHESHWARA SWAMI TEMPLE (A multi - religious temple) which is situated in heart of Quilon (Kollam) town (Kerala, S. India).

As you entered the temple you will find Gods & Goddess with various powers in different forms. You have Gods & Goddess unded one roof for prospecty protection priority, health, wealth etc. thus, your wishes will be fulfilled; Before UMA MAHESHWARA.

The Managing Truste


Sree Uma Maheswara Swami Temple Charitable and Educational Trust.
Post Box No: 333, Sree Uma Maheswara Junction,
Main Road, Kollam-691001,
Kerala, India


Phone > Temple : 0474-2743572,
Devotee Care : +91 8891291291

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