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More History of the Temple

Kollam the ancient harbour city is not far from Thiruvanathapuram the capital of Kerala.The UMA MAHESHWARA TEMPLE lies in the heart of Kollam town.Walking from the clock tower junction of Chinnakada and turning westward through the Main Road, at Uma Maheshwara Junction you come to the entrance of SREE UMA MAHESHWARA SWAMI TEMPLE.

It has a resplendent legend woven around it. According to tradition, Lord Shiva and Parvathi who arrived at AGASTYAGIRI continued their journey north-ward.The variegated sylvan scenes-dense forests, herds of tuskers,swinging monkeys,springing tigresses wild bisons peacock pirouetted hills,vine-netted arbors,woodland streams, facades of hermitages, enchanting anchorite virgins provided festive delight to the eyes of the divine couple, Gauri and Shankar . At dusk Lord Girish poised on NANDI, the Divine Bull and Girija perched on her Lion, travelling the ethereal zones above the sequestered streets shaded by verdant woods issuing fragrance, reached KOLLAMthe ancient city of king Jayasimha, Lord Shiva who surveyed the beautiful homesteads, gorgeous gardens, salubrious baths, busy streets and magestic highways of that holy city told his spouse that the city is so homely that it tempts one to sprun one's own home. Goddess Parvathi captivated by the city's charms suggested to Induchooda that they would put up for the night at KOLLAM which surpassed even the celestial regions in its glory.

Accordingly UMA and MAHESHWARAreclined on the sand bed at the foot of the towering banyan tree at the centre of the city. The cool breeze from the Arabian sea derived ecstasy by caressing the divine couple. Heavens rained flowers upon them. Spirits kept vigil. In the presence of PARVATHI and PARAMESHWARAthe precincts attained the holiness of Mount Kailasa.

There dwelt connoisseurs of architecture and sculpture near the banyan tree that offered respite to UMAand MAHESHWARA.

The house of VENKETESWARAthe palace sculptor was also there. That night the pious VENKETESWARArecieved in a vision a benign bidding to construct temple in the divine land where UMAand MAHESHWARAtook rest. VENKETESWARA, with the kings consent built a pedestal at the foot of the banyan tree which be-stowed shade for the wayfarers and shelter for the birds and installed the clay icons of UMAand MAHESHWARA. Ashtadikpalakas bore witness to the act. Celestial maid­ens showed flowers Heavenly virgins chanted hymns. Kollam become a holy city. It attained the grandeur and glory of MOUNT KAILASA. After the installation of the idols VENKETESWARAwished to construct a sreekovil enclosed by four walls, but there was no money at his disposal, one night the despondent artist walking on the beach meditaing upon Uma Maheshwara stumbled upon a piece of gold in the sand. He immediately sold it and raised funds enough to make constructions be had visualized and also to replace the clay idols with wooden ones. It is a delightful wonder that VENKETESHWARAwho propitiated Uma Maheshwara through his benevolent act became the forerunner of generations of entrepreneurs who deal in gold. The members of the saravana family,the inhertors of the VENKETESWARAlegacy always enjoy the blessing of Uma Maheshwara the presiding deities.

No other place on earth has the privillege of having a temple adorned with the image of Parvathi and Parameswara on the same pedestal. Sree Parameswara is auspicious when he appears with his consort Sree Parvathi The concept of Shiva in union with Parvathi fulfils all that you can wish for. Sree Parvathi is beautific and transcendent. Uma and Maheshwara are the embodiment of spiritual being beyond the universe.

A short walk down the Main Road from Chinnakkada, which was the China Bazaar of olden days brings you to the entrance of the Uma Maheshwara Temple. The facade of the gopuram edges on the road. Within the four walls of the temple an unearthly grace abounds. Heavenly fragrance overflows the sanctum sanctorum. Gananayaka and Sree Muruga remain at the entrance to the shrine and Nandikesha is in front. There are pedestals for image1Anantakrishna and the ancestors. Armed with sword and club stands Maadan Thampuran, who is the embodiment of kindness, the defender of the faithful, warding off all evils. On the walls and columns are pictures of gods and goddesses. On display are the photographs of the Maharaja of Travancore, Sree CHITHIRA TIRUNAL, Saravana Perumal, the patron of the Saravana family, Muthulekshmi Amma, his wife and S. SWAMINATHAN, his son the great gold industrialist.

image1In times of yore, when Kollam was a famous port, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Parsis and the Chinese used to flock to the temple to worship UMAand MAHESHWARAThey offered gold and money at the feet of the cosmic couple. The temple transcends all barriers of caste and religion. It is worth mentioning that long before the temple entry proclamation of the Maharaj of Travancore came into force, this temple at Kollam admitted all without distinctions of caste and creed. Under the monarchy, the Kings of Desinganadu worshipped UMAand MAHESHWARAto fix marriages of their choice, for consummation in conjugal life, prosperity, longevityand wealth problems. It is said that Princess Gayatri Devi of Desinganadu Palace who was childless and grief stricken gave birth to a handsome boy by the grace of UMA MAHESHWARA.

Special poojas in the form Swayamwara Archana, UMA MAHESHWARA Pooja, Ganapathi Homam and other holy poojas are duly performed for those young men and women whose marriages are delayed on account of unfavourable horoscopes. Lord Shiva and Parvathi dispel all obstacles in the way of their matrimony and bless them for a happy conjugal life. Countless numbers have received graceful favours from the divine pair leading to marital bliss.

As the splendour of the wooden images in the Srekovil faded with age, it was the late SARAVANA PERUMAL a teacher of Govt. High School, Kollam who took the initiative along with the Tantri Mukhyas ((Veteran purohits) to install stone idols. It may be added that MUTHU LAKSHMI the late beloved wife of SARAVANA PERUMAL, his daughters SARASWATH1 AMMA and SARADA AMMAL and his late sons S. SWAMINATHAN and RAMASUBIAH and other members of the family took part in the act of renovating the temple. Right in the footsteps of SARAVANA PERUMAL his son S. SWAMINATHAN carried on the administration of the temple aided by his dutiful wife, MUTHULEKSHMI SARAVANA BHAVAN'S image1applies himself to his task with devotion and dedication through his eldest Son SWAMINATHAN SARAVANA BHAVAN the managing Director the Chairman of MediaViolet Private limited.

With the onset of the monsoons, with thunder, lightning and rainbow cast skyline, the festival unfolds at the UMA MAHESHWARA temple in the month of Edavam (May - June) in the the star days of Punartham and Pooyam. The Maha Deva delights himself in the Kumbhabhishekam; He goes on the showering his blessings upon the Universe.....

NB : Prasadam and Photograph of UMA MAHESHWARA may be sent on request to devotees who apply with the details of Name, Birthstar, and Address.

Note : This is a true translation of the article published in " keralakaumudi" by the renowned writer, Baby Thamarasery brother of Ex-Minister Willigton, translated by Prof. Zacharias Peter Kanjooparampan.


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